Less Stress Strategies

We’ve been around the block a time or two, here are some suggestions that can make the move that much easier.

Less Stress Moving understands what a big undertaking moving can be. We’ve picked up some tips and tricks along the way that we are happy to share with our valued customers.

Make A List

A list will help you organize your thoughts, and it should be made several months in advance. Including deadlines is paramount. Some items need to be done before others, so schedule deadlines accordingly and then stick to them. While you’re in list-making mode, make an inventory of what you’re moving for insurance purposes. This inventory will be helpful as you unpack as well, to ensure you’re not missing anything.

Start a Moving Folder

Keep your lists and all moving related documents in this folder. Documents might include receipts, the shipping contract, an inventory of your belongings, information on utilities, etc. Make sure this folder stays safe and is accessible on moving day.

Take Lots of Pictures

You won’t be able replicate everything in your new home exactly the way it was in your old one, and who would want to anyway? Your new place is a fresh palette for new ideas. Having pictures of every room in your new home before you start to pack will help you plan how to unpack.

If you’ve got a big move with lots of boxes, you could also take pictures of the contents of each box. Another useful idea is to take pictures of complicated electronic hook-ups to help when it’s time to put them back together.

Transferring / Establishing Utilities

Through our partnership with homes.org, their friendly “concierge” staff can assist you with transferring and connecting utilities in your new home. This will allow you more time to settle into your new home and community. Planning is the key to a successful relocation and preparing ahead of time is a must.

Your time is a valuable resource, especially now that you are moving. Your peace of mind is important to us and that’s why we offer so many services to help make the moving process a little easier.

Make sure you cover all the bases when it comes to canceling, switching and ordering new utilities.

  • Electric

  • Gas

  • Telephone

  • Internet Service

  • Cable or Satellite Television

  • Home Security Systems

  • Home Warranties

Moving with Children

A move can be especially difficult for children. Here are some tips to ease their concerns:

  • Get them involved – This will help alleviate some of their stress about moving to a new place.

  • Let them pack some of their own special items in a box.

  • Start talking about the move well in advance. Address their fears and concerns.

​We recommend that children are not there on loading day, as they may become upset that their things are going on the truck. We suggest that they spend the day with family or friends to minimize their anxiety about the move. Proper planning will assist your children in the transition to your new home and community.

Moving Your Pets

Pets cannot be moved on the moving truck. Arrange for the care and transport of your pet well in advance. You might want to visit your veterinarian to get your pet’s health records and update tags, and if necessary, to obtain tranquilizers to calm your pet during transport.

Moving Plants

We cannot be responsible for the care of plants, and many states quarantine plants at all times. We recommend that they move with you, and not on our truck.

Less Stress Moving is here you help you along the journey of a new move. For additional information to help with the process please see our packing tipspacking materials guidemoving tips and moving checklist pages. Contact us today to start your move. 

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